The Doodler

Mémé Zucca is one of the most talented visual artists in the Italian Apennines. She has been painting canvases, murals and making embroidery art since before the internet reached her zone. Having finally figured her way around computers, and recently receiving a digital tablet; Meme has been spitting out visuals at an unbelievable pace since going digital. A surrealist at heart, Meme is trying hard to not get political and let her images speak for themselves.

The Code Wiz

Ale (me, the guy coding this) is a high school philosophy and compuSci teacher with a keen interest in exploring how web3 solutions can be applied for practical material needs. He is a nomad and environmentalist inspired by quantum finance, anti-monopoly, the democratisation of capital, and real world applications that unfold within the crypto space. Ale has recently packed up his computer to move to the Apennine backwoods and try a hand at organic farming, and hopes to bring web3 solutions along with him. Check out his other projects like

The Architect

PiO is an IT infrastructure specialist and stake pool operator. Being born in the wrong place at the wrong time, he probably would’ve succeeded in harnessing fire if Prometheus hadn’t beaten him to it. NFTs, crypto, blockchain and web3 seem like the next closest thing. Pi0 has years of experience running professional IT networks and building web server infrastructure. He works at the cutting edge of internet technology and is ready to push web3 towards maturity.

The Planner

Dave has been rugged one time too many and finally realized that, if this space is gonna grow and grow well, he’s gotta get involved in it himself. Dave’s been through all the highs and lows of the market cycle and made it out the other side - he’s finally figured out what a good project needs and has turned his hand to building. Bringing fresh ideas to the crypto space and committed to making something real.
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